It’s only words

…and yet it’s not.

Conveying fears and longings they’re more than the letters they consist of. They transfer walls, build bridges, comfort and destroy. When uttered they can never be forgotten even though sometimes forgiven. But not really… Every forgiveness leaves a scar to a wound another word will open and expand.

Why do so many stubbornly keep living in their past? And why do they selfishly try to drag others into their darkness instead of starting from now and build something new? I know it’s frighting to let go and swim out into the nothingness only on faith that they’ll get to where they’re going. But what life is left if all one does is repeat the memories of before.

Let go. Trust and try to prove yourself trustworthy. Live now, Actually live. For tomorrow or the day after it’ll all be over and what you haven’t lived by then will be lost. Let go of your demons and if they’ll come back let me stand beside you to fend them off together instead of placing them in between us.

But most people don’t do that. They’re all too comfortable with having the demons in their life keeping them in their past. Too afraid making even the undeath better than the unknown.

Every now is an opportunity to start from scratch.