A thousand miles


A thousand miles separate us
Oh how I wish to have you near
Yes I know I’m dreaming when I see you
I just wish that you were here
I feel it in my heart
there’s a bond between us two
I knew it from the start
we’d be lovers, me and you.

And now I’m here sitting writing
in the heart of autumn storm
sure I feel the coldness of the season
but my memories keeps me warm
In my mind I see us
on a beach not far away
It was in November and we showed them all
out love that day

The wind is hard
it reminds me
that all things aren’t meant to last
but if it’s in my power
I’ll prevent us
from being memories from the past
And while my heart is filled
there’s a veil before my view
for I can’t see me living in this universe
without you

There’s no words that could show you
just how much you mean to me
maybe in my eyes, a reflection of my soul,
that only you can see
But as we’re far apart perhaps the memories fade away
I’m trying to write so we won’t forget
that we’ve loved this way.