I wanna be a part of it

I Wanna Be A Part

You sit there lonely faces blank
You don’t know nothing ’bout life
It’s pleasures
For all you can see is your daily routine
You get scared of the things that you don’t know
So you won’t try learning to live
Like I do
’Cause what would they say if you went your own way



I wanna go out with my friends
I wanna be a part of it
You hide and you’re boring as hell
While I will go out and find myself
Keep pile up the things you’ve bought
Dress up in your brand new lovely suit
Wake up early and go to work
And just end up with an empty mind.


So you waste your time
Thinking of the things you could’ve done
If you were different
But you’re too afraid to step out from the crowd
So you stay lonely
With your bloody dreams of what could be
You’re fucking stupid
You’ll live and you’ll die never knowing what you missed


Look at me
No my life ain’t always great
But I chose how I live it
It’s mine
My decicions
I don’t give a fuck what they say what they think
Yes it’s true
Your life might be longer than mine
But that doesn’t matter for you
Never lived yours
So change while you can
Say this is what I am


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