Never Wanna Play With You

Never Wanna Play With You

*Never Wanna play with you*
* Muzix bay Peppe o Jucklo*
* Lyrix bay Jucklo        *

Someone as beautiful as me
should have another destiny
then to run around alone
in insanity.
Hold your ears so I can’t
tell you ’bout my tragedy. (men… håll öronen… *sigh*)

I Started as a young child
digging up holes in the ground
hiding things never to be found.
And then I saw you in the sunlight
saying: I’ll never play with you.

That was a big mistake.
I knew you’d never make it
without my love.
And if you won’t give then be sure
that I will simply take.

I tried to be nice complimenting
your eyes and your hair and your looks
and the way that you move.
And though I tried to be so nice
you still said: I’ll never play with you.

But now you’re dead. Your voice echoes through my head.
I always knew that I would be with you.
One don’t decline an invitation from one so fine.
You should’ve played with me.

And so the years went by
It seemed so hard for me to
be the one who was brave enough
and catch your eye.
But the truth is if you don’t want me
then you will simply die.

Then we met on a party I had wasted my head
I was alone in a room lying naked on a bed.
And you came in took lots of pictures
said: I still don’t wanna play with you.

And all the photos on the walls.
A naked boy showing his balls.
It made me lose my head and I was bound
to see you dead.

I split your head wide open with a hammer
there was brains on the ground
put you in my hole never to be found.
But still I hear you in my head you’re saying
I don’t wanna play with you
I still don’t wanna play with you
Never gonna play with you…


Yah… dose were da days 😉

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