The Brightness In The Cloud

The Brightness In The Cloud

All our feelings, all the sad
All the glorious times we’ve had
We write our history lood for inc
We’ve stepped above the natural link

With all compassion for life thrown out
We know shit of what it’s all about
Sp we use our strength in vain
’Cause for him it’s all the same


The brightness in the cloud
Dying voices cry out loud
Oh this flood of fear caress the mass
As they know it came at last
But did we really earn this fate
We recieved the gift of hate
All the shit that we’ve been through
So fuck you god I’ll use my gift on you


And while we think of what to do
He’s gonna sit up there and shit all over you
He don’t care about us anymore
He’s occupied with his personal whore

So we’re alone in this fucking place
But see the mirror, yes that’s your face
Join in with us let’s free the light
Let him know that we can fight




Know the strength that you create
Decide your own bloody fate
Don’t be a slave of his command
Feel the truth and take a stand

If we melt down to one single hand
We can get this fucker banned
So rise up like a tidlewave
’Cause it’s ourselves that we will save


Text : Joacim Ahlstrand
Musik: Ännu ej avslöjat

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